NSPA rep in Kabul recognized for outstanding work

11 September 2014

Mr Hakan Akkoc recently received a Certificate of Appreciation from the new Commander of ISAF, U.S. Army General  John F. Campbell.

Mr Akkoc has been the senior NSPA Representative in Kabul at ISAF since early April where he represents NSPA in all operational logistics support matters.  With his extensive experience, he is able to help identify and resolve high priority issues and ensure that NSPA plans and operations are fully coordinated and integrated with those of ISAF.  “It is really great to see that the ISAF Commander recognized Hakan as a key member of the ISAF team in Kabul. He has been outstanding in keeping the Agency tied into the daily ISAF operations as well as planning, particularly as we transition from ISAF to a potential follow-on mission in Afghanistan,” highlighted Mike Lyden, NSPA General Manager.