NSPA successfully facilitates first helicopter inspection for Bundespolizei

02 September 2014

NSPA has successfully managed the contracted inspection of the first German Federal Police (Bundespolizei - BPOL) air rescue helicopter.

The aircraft, an EC-135 T2+ air rescue helicopter was handed back to BPOL upon completion of the inspection on 11 June at Airbus Helicopter facilities in Kassel-Calden in Germany.

The Phase Inspection was carried out by the Logistics Operations Aviation Support Programme via a contract which was signed at the Internationale Luftfahrt Ausstellung (ILA) in Berlin. The Aviation Support Programme looks forward to continuing to provide support to the BPOL EC-135 T2+ helicopter fleets (police and air rescue variants) via a three-year contract which has the potential to be extended to cover a five-year period.