Technical Training at Southern Operational Centre (SOC), Taranto

29 August 2014

NSPA staff at the Southern Operational Centre in Taranto recently held a specialized training exercise involving the medical equipment which forms part of the deployable camp capability.

The exercise, held in early July in Taranto, Italy was managed by the General and Cooperative Services Programme Office, for the Capability Package 5A0156 (CP156) Role 1 Medical Treatment Facility (R1 MTF).

The training for the deployable teams of technicians included site preparation, erection, installation and testing of all services and stripping out and re-packing of this facility. The R1 MTF consists of 27 interconnected 20’ adapted containers and when constructed provides for a full range of medical services including Doctors consulting rooms, a dental surgery, specialized medical sterilization equipment, a pharmacy with controlled storage, x-ray facility, trauma/emergency treatment area and a patient ward that can accommodate 6 persons.

This training was provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), ‘Karbox s.r.l.’ from the Czech Republic and supervised by Mr. Richard Lamarche and Ms. Pavlina Zdarilova.  

Once the facility had been erected, medical subject matter experts from JFC Naples, JFC Brunssum and SHAPE were invited to view the facility.  This group included experienced trauma physicians, medical clinicians, senior health care and environmental health professionals, also medical logistics experts.

The visitors were provided informative briefings on the role of the Agency and the SOC in support of operations, with particular emphasis on the Capability Packages, also a tour of the SOC facilities. Initial feedback from the SME’s has been extremely positive, not only with regard to the R1 MTF itself but also the range of services which are available to them, the users, in support of exercises and operations.

This exercise has further enhanced the proficiency of the SOC staff, another step closer to fulfilling the SHAPE requirement of the deployable teams to be fully capable of deploying and maintaining CP 156 assets.

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