NSPA supports Mauritanian Forces

20 August 2014

Over the past four years, NSPA has successfully completed two ammunition depots, destroyed ammunition and small arms and provided training assistance to Mauritanian forces.

NSPA’s General and Cooperative Services Programme (LB) has been active in the West African country of Mauritania through a NATO Partnership for Peace and Mediterranean Dialogue Trust Fund Project. Focussed primarily upon improving the physical safety and security of stockpiled ammunition, Mauritania also requested training support from NSPA. Under Italian lead, and with a budget of 2,200,000 €, the project started in early 2011 and was executed in two phases synchronized with fund raising efforts.

In each phase the primary objective was to build an ammunition depot according to NATO standards. The first depot was constructed in the Aleg region, the second in the Akjoujt region. Each depot consists of 5 explosive storehouses and a munitions maintenance and preparation building equipped with the appropriate tools. In addition, a training program was implemented to enable the Mauritanian National Army to manage the two depots with highly qualified personnel.