NSPA fuel services start flowing in Kabul, Afghanistan

14 August 2014

With the assistance of NSPA, fuel services started flowing at Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan (KAIA) on 31 July.

NSPA assumed responsibility for the first NSPA fuel services contract with Nordic Camp Supply (NCS) as the contractor.

An important part of this new contract is the on-line integrated Fuel Management System which offers modernized stock accounting and fuel invoicing.

In the last two weeks, leading up to the initiation of services, 1,250 NSPA fuel cards were issued to more than 100 customer accounts to include 60 NSPA Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags for remote refueling for isolated pieces of equipment. “I would like to thank the NSPA logistics operations and information technology staff, Varec and NCS for their excellent work in their joint approach to ensuring the successful initiation of NSPA fuel services in RC Capital region,” Said Brian McMurry, Senior Technical Officer (Fuels) from NSPA.