NSPA at spearhead of electronic logistics

06 August 2014

The work undertaken by NSPA in support of the A400M airlifter is progressing as scheduled.

The Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'ARmement (OCCAR) recently accepted the initial electronic order placement feature in the new logistic automation tool developed by NSPA called A400M Logistic Portal System (ALPS.)

Following this acceptance, ALPS is now integrated into the standard NSPA Application ePortal used by the NSPA external partners to conduct business with the Agency.

“The A400M electronic and automated Supply Chain is now a reality thanks to the work and dedication of the cross-functional team involved in this effort. We are grateful to this team of NSPA staff and consultants, because they keep NSPA at the spearhead of modern electronic logistics.” explained Mr. Emilio Tuñón-Nieto, Programme Manager, A400M and NH90/TIGER Programme Office (LN).