GM visits NSPA Operations in Afghanistan

31 July 2014

NSPA General Manager Mike Lyden, along with the new Deputy Director of Logistics, Mr. Jim Shields and senior logistics officer Mr. Walt Flint are visiting NSPA operations in Afghanistan this week.

The visit to Kabul and Herat will provide the GM’s team with a first-hand update on the full scope of NSPA operations which are still ongoing even as the overall ISAF mission will come to conclusion at the end of 2014. “In addition to seeing our operations first hand, this trip allows me to engage key partners and stakeholders who are critical to our support to operations in the future.” said Mr. Lyden.

Among others, Lyden will meet the NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan, Ambassador Maurits Jochems, ISAF Deputy Commander, Lieutenant General Carsten Jacobson, the newly arrived Commander of the Kabul Afghanistan International Airport, Brigadier General Philippe Lavigne and also the Commander of the Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan, Major General Kevin Wendel.