115,000,000 bottles of water produced at Kandahar and counting…

18 June 2014

In 2010, NSPA (then NAMSA) was tasked to investigate the possibility of building a water bottling plant at Kandahar Air Field (KAF.)

This request arose as a result of previous years of experience with fractured supply lines, be it from areas of intense fighting, interrupted border activities, or natural events such as flooding, the ground lines of communication were creating significant risk to provision of bottled water.

The project was taken up by NSPA Logistics Operations staff at KAF. They consulted with industry as well as the food contractors and determined that it was not only feasible to build such a plant, but that it would, in the end, save the NSPA customers a significant amount of money. This was due to the fact that the most expensive component and greatest risk of the bottled water provisioning in Afghanistan was transportation.

On 1 April 2012, NSPA in partnership with the selected contractor proudly opened the doors to the state of the art bespoke KAF Water Bottling Plant (WBP) pictured above. The plant is capable of producing 16000 bottles per hour 24 hours per day at 85% capacity, which is more than enough to meet the requirements outlined in the contract Statement of Work. This organic capability to KAF continues to provide NSPA’s brand “Quench2O” bottled water to the residents of KAF and will do so through to ISAF mission end.

The main components of bottling section of the Water Bottling Plant - Preform shoot on the right, the Preform Oven, the blower, filler, capper, and finally the ‘Checkmat’ on the left.

Filled bottles working their way through the plant to be labelled, packaged, and palletized for delivery to the residents of Kandahar Air Field.