NSPA senior staff tour Agency operations in Afghanistan

09 April 2014

NSPA General Manager Mike Lyden and senior staff visited NSPA operations in Afghanistan last month. During the visit, they met with Senior ISAF leadership in the various NATO and US HQs in-theatre to discuss the continuing NSPA sustainment of ISAF and explore the planning for the post-2014 Resolute Support Mission (RSM). 

They took the opportunity to tour the sites and to observe ongoing theatre drawdown activities. They also toured the recently completed hardened COMKAF HQ and a number of the airfield service capabilities that the Agency provides at Kandahar.

Throughout the visit, ISAF leaders expressed their thanks for the outstanding support from NSPA, and their expectation that NSPA would continue to provide the necessary services and support to deployed NATO Forces in Afghanistan as long as required. Likewise, the General Manager also took the opportunity to meet with the NSPA staff on-site to discuss the impact of the change of mission from ISAF to RSM.