10,000th naval resupply mission executed by NSPA!

02 April 2014

Under the Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP), NSPA executed its 10,000th Logistics Requisition (LOGREG) - or logistics order – on behalf of Turkish frigate TCG GEDIZ, the flagship leading the Barbaros Maritime Task Group into Las Palmas, Spain last week.

NSPA staff was at quay side in Spain to welcome the frigates Gediz, Orucreis, the Ada class corvette Heybeliada, and the auxiliary ship Yarbay Kudret Gungor and to conduct the re-supply mission.  In recognition of this auspicious event, NSPA presented commemorative plaques to the Admiral commanding the Task Group and Captains of the ships for their wardrooms and to the current contractors for their outstanding support to the NLSP.

The opportunity was also used to conduct a port audit of the facilities and to ascertain the performance of the contractor. NSPA’s technical team also gathered with the contractors and the supply officers of the ships in a pre-deployment meeting in order to exchange information about the forthcoming ports to be visited.

The Barbaros Task Group will circumnavigate the African continent from March until June and NSPA will support them during all of their port visits at approximately 30 different ports. 10,000 is a landmark number, and it is appropriate that one of the original founding members of the group in 2000 received the accolade.

The Naval Logistics Support Partnership was formed in 2010, and has its origins in the Port Services project founded in 2000. The aim of the partnership is to support NATO and Partner Navies around the globe through the establishment of contracts for husbanding and naval bunker fuel which are available on all continents except Antarctica.

Aside from husbanding and fuel, the NLSP Team also provides support to national Vessel Protection Detachments (VPD) operating in the Horn of Africa who safe guard nationally flagged commercial vessels from piracy attacks. The NLSP has been providing support to member navies involved in both NATO and national operations, as well as exercises and routine duties. An emerging area of interest for the navies is that of full spectrum support for all three dimensions of naval warfare, with a current focus on underwater and surface systems. In the months to come NSPA will put contracts in place to support these systems worldwide.