NATO Military Committee visit to NSPA

27 March 2014

On 25 March 2014, NSPA welcomed the NATO Military Committee (MC) for a day-long visit. The Committee, lead by the Deputy Chairman, Lieutenant General Mark O. Schissler, received detailed briefings about NSPA activities and support to operations.

The MC is the senior military authority in NATO and the oldest permanent body in NATO after the North Atlantic Council, both having been formed months after the Alliance came into being. The Committee is  made up of senior military officers from NATO member countries and is the primary source of military advice to NATO’s civilian decision-making bodies - the North Atlantic Council and the Nuclear Planning Group.

“The members of the Military Committee represent a critical stakeholder group for the NSPA team.  Our dialogue today focused on NSPA’s capabilities as they support both NATO and national military requirements.” emphasized NSPA General Manager Mike Lyden.

On behalf of the MC, Lieutenant General Schissler thanked the NSPA team for the collective endeavors in NATO logistics and procurement, and moreover, "in pulling together solutions quickly to meet significant challenges of today."

In addition to the NSPA General Manager Mike Lyden and senior staff from NSPA, the meeting was also attended by Mr. MuzafferAkyıldırım, the Acting Chairman of the NATO Support Organization.