NSPA hosts largest Industry Day event ever with the UK

27 March 2014

NSPA hosted its largest Industry Day event today with the United Kingdom. On this occasion, 49 industry representatives were provided with extensive briefings on how to do business with NSPA.

“Industry Day events at NSPA are important engagements which can greatly enhance relations between national industry enterprises and NATO,” explained Mr. Fesquet, NSPA’s Director of Procurement. This event, organized by the Procurement Directorate and the UK Embassy in Luxembourg was attended by more than 49 industry representatives – comprising the largest group to participate in an Industry Day event.

The UK delegation was jointly led by H.E. The Honourable Alice Walpole, Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Mr Roger Harrison, Deputy Head of Logistics Governance and Engagement. According to the Ambassador, “We were delighted to work together to facilitate NSPA’s largest ever Industry Day, to enable UK companies to take full advantage of the commercial opportunities offered. It was a great success and I hope it will be the first in a regular series of such events.”

NSPA’s Chief of Staff Chris Rose was equally pleased with the event, and concluded “As NATO and its nations move from the ISAF campaign to preparation for contingency operations, large or small, NSPA will need the defence industries of our NATO nations to be even more responsive, in answering the nations’ demands, and providing the services and supplies that they need.  This event provides an excellent opportunity to enable industry to understand how to do business with NSPA.”