“Green Billing” for Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP)

24 March 2014

The NSPA General and Cooperative Services Program is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities by reducing the volume of paper used in its offices through a Green Customer Billing Process. 

Piloted by the Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP), the ‘Green Billing’ process will enable electronic submission of billing documentation and thereby reduce the paper required. Through this process, NLSP and its customers will both benefit from this technological solution; a 75% reduction in paper consumption (once fully deployed),  and a reduction of consumption of  related products such as ink, and electricity. Furthermore, the new billing process offers a more easily traceable, faster and greener service to our customers. It will also permit rapid data reception and management and provide accurate data tracking.

LB processed its first ‘Green Billing’ to NLSP on 6 March 2014. During the ISO 14001 re-certification audit, the TÜV Auditor, Mr. Stefan Zerwes, released the first set of electronic invoice documentation to the Royal Danish Navy.