Initial planning starts for potential SOC support to large NATO Exercise.

19 March 2014

Staff from NSPA’s Southern Operational Centre will participate in an initial site survey in late March and provide advice on the potential use of NATO’s deployable camps during Exercise Trident Juncture in 2015 which is expected to be one of the largest NATO exercises so far. 

The camps, known as Capability Package 156 (or CP 156) are rapidly deployable and provide NATO the capability to conduct the command and control of operational forces when permanent infrastructure is not available, such as on military operations in austere areas.

This deployment of the camps may include the complete set-up of up to three Headquarter Camps. Similar to the support provided to Exercise Steadfast Jazz, the SOC may be responsible for transportation, camp build-up, operation, tear down and re-deployment of all equipment.

Exercise Trident Juncture serves as a recertification exercise for the NATO Reaction Force.

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