NSPA Support for Norwegian Courses

06 February 2014

NSPA recently provided support to the NATO/Partnership for Peace Logistics Officers' Course held at the Norwegian Defence Forces International Centre (NODEFIC) in Oslo, Norway, with 25 officers in attendance from DEU, DNK, ESP, NOR and SWE.

Mr. Fred van der Hoek, Principal Planning Officer from NSPA’s Plans & Policy Office, provided instructor support under the aegis of the Operational Logistics Support Partnership (OLSP) reflecting the Agency's role as Contract Integrator (CI) for OLSP members and Allied Command Operations (ACO).

During the course, which was held from 20 to 31 January, the importance of Commercial (Planning) Support delivered through NSPA was highlighted as a key enabler for nations planning for or participating in Expeditionary Operations.

In tandem with this initiative, Norway has included a topic on NSPA's CI activities in its Command and Staff Course so as to inform ‘tomorrow’s commanders’ of the pivotal role of commercial support in the context of Expeditionary Operations. This course was attended by the “up and coming” of the Norwegian Defence Forces, and some 50 officers participated in the lectures on NSPA and the increasing importance of commercial support.

NODEFIC is a part of the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College within the Norwegian Defence University College. It conducts courses for global Partner Nations, providing the understanding required to succeed in complex Peace Support Operations worldwide. The extensive course schedule includes two NATO logistics courses: the NATO/PfP Logistics Officers' Course and the NATO PfP Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG) Course.