NSPA completes modern CIS Depot project

14 January 2014

NSPA recently completed a modern warehouse project which will serve as the Kandahar Airfield CIS Depot. This new building will provide office and warehouse spaces to house critical CIS equipment required for both the ISAF mission (NATO operations in RC South, South-West and West) and any NATO follow-on mission.

This new facility comprises a pre-engineered hangar structure (tot. 616 m2) providing warehouse storage space, a detached hardened office (59 m2) as well as an external storage area (485 m2) for less sensitive or transit equipment. The building, designed and constructed under the management of NSPA Logistics Operations Programme, was completed and handed over for military use on the 4th of January 2014 and it replaces the old tent that Infrastructure Section provided below-standard conditions for the sensitive CIS equipment supporting the NATO mission in Afghanistan.