Hungarian Authorities re-certify C17 organization

07 January 2014

The Hungarian National Transportation Authority/Aviation Authority (NTA/AA) recently re-certified the airworthiness of the C-17s with the NATO Airlift Management (NAM) Programme.

Specifically, the C-17A Military Type Certificate Holder Organization (MTCHO) of the NAM Programme Office (PO) successfully passed its re-certification audit.  The audit and organizational re-certification was conducted by the Hungarian National Transportation Authority/Aviation Authority (NTA/AA). The MTCHO is led by Mr Wiek Noldus, the NAM Programme Manager, and is responsible for ensuring the overall continued airworthiness of the three Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) C-17A aircraft based at Pápa Air Base, Hungary and for maintaining the SAC C-17A Military Type Certificate. 

The MTCHO accreditation was originally awarded by the Hungarian NTA/AA in early 2009 just prior to the delivery of the first aircraft. The NTA/AA regularly checks the MTCHO’s ability to do its work, its staffing and facilities, and its performance. After this year’s audit the NTA/AA reported that the C-17A MTCHO organization has appropriate processes in place and executes them correctly, that its staff is suitably trained and qualified for their daily duties, and the MTCHO’s facilities are appropriate for execution of the work.

The C-17A MTCHO is based in two locations, one is embedded within the USAF C-17A office at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton (OH), USA and the other is at Pápa Air Base, Hungary. “This successful audit acknowledges the NAM PO’s outstanding record of continuing excellence and commitment to the aviation safety of the SAC.” observed Mr. Noldus. Under the SAC partnership, the Heavy Airlift Wing along with the NAM Programme jointly delivers a strategic airlift capability for national operations and NATO, UN and EU commitments.