Contract Integrator role for NSPA in key NATO exercise

09 December 2013

NSPA’s contract integrator role was a key element in Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Exercise ARRCADE FUSION 13 conducted to ensure the ARRC is ready to assume its responsibilities as part of the NATO Response Force (NRF.)

Held at Royal Air Force Station Mawgan in Cornwall, UK, from 18 to 30 November, ARRCADE FUSION 13 was one of the biggest NATO exercises of the last few years, involving approximately 2000 participants. NSPA consultant Mr Ken Carhart was involved in the exercise, embedded in the Theatre Head of Contracts (THOC) office and playing the role of the NSPA contract integrator for a large suite of contracts in support of a total force of some 150,000 personnel. He was able to support the ARRC through the Operational Logistics Support Partnership (OLSP) arrangements.

The exercise saw the headquarters commanding four divisions and three separate brigade headquarters from across Europe and North America join the ARRC Headquarters in Cornwall for the two-week event. Also participating in this exercise were units and troops from ARRC Partner Nations Denmark, Canada, Italy, the United States and Portugal, as well as personnel from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand – all-in-all totaling some 2200 military and civilian personnel.

The exercise involved four divisions, five independent brigades, a maritime task force and an air component. The ARRC was trialing the Integrated Land Command (ILC) concept that they are proposing for land HQs tasked to run a small joint operation. This exercise is held every year and in 2015 the ARRC is hoping to deploy to the Iberian Peninsula to participate in the NATO LIVEX 15 exercise.