Demilitarisation, Dismantling and Disposal (D3)

25 November 2013

The 2nd Demilitarisation, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) Support Partnership meeting was held at invitation of the Italian Ministry of Defence at the Villa Barberini in Rome and included member nations and observers from as far afield as Finland, Germany, Poland, the Russian Federation and the Ukraine.

It offered the possibility to show the nations the many opportunities inherent under this Support Partnership.

During the meeting held on Nov 6th and 7th, nations were briefed on various on-going projects and the new auction tool being put into place by the Agency that will be used to sell re-furbished items back to industry. Member nations will be further extending their use of the project to larger systems including ships, which will generate new revenue streams for those nations. Both member nations will be entrusting the Agency with a total of five naval vessels for disposal in 2014.

The Agency also reported on the use of the D3 facilities in place for ISAF nations’ in-theatre requirements. These range from disposal/destruction of “white” and “green” goods, to re-cycling of ISO containers and hazardous material treatment.  Observer nations are closely following developments in this Support Partnership with the avowed intention of future membership. In deference to the meeting location, Italy was elected as Chair for the coming year.