D3 – Reducing Stockpiles, Increasing Savings, Improving Environment

24 October 2013

Nations interested in realizing savings associated with demilitarization, dismantling and disposal projects are invited to attend the 2nd Demilitarization, Dismantling and Disposal Support Partnership (D3SP) Conference in early November in Italy.

Under the auspices of the NATO Support Agency, the goal of the D3SP is to provide nations the opportunity to identify and execute multinational collective strategies for demilitarizing, dismantling and disposing of military systems and equipment that are no longer required in national inventories (such as aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles, ships etc.). The conference will be held at the Italian Ministry of Defence’s “Barberini Palace”, Rome, on 6-7 November 2013.

Participating Nations in the D3 partnership benefit from a legal, logistic and cost-effective platform for the D3 of their military equipment. In addition, they benefit from the NATO Support Agency’s in-house expertise to monitor Recovery, Reuse & Recycle (R3) processes associated with all national requirements, in compliance with the environmental and safety regulations governing these activities. There is great potential for financial returns, due to the high costs of recyclable material, which will help reduce administrative costs for the partners.

Through NSPA, Nations can consolidate their requirements, centralize logistics activities and use international competition. In a collective procurement approach, Nations can achieve significant savings, reduce the security risks associated with stockpiles, improve their environmental footprint, and make better use of their budgets. Interested Nations are encouraged to attend this conference as observers, to learn more about turning unwanted equipment into cash flow. For more information nations are encouraged to contact lg@nspa.nato.int