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15 October 2013

A Deployable Team from the NATO Support Agency consisting of eight staff from the Southern Operational Centre (SOC) has successfully completed the build-up of a deployable camp in Latvia.

The work was assisted by Lieutenant Colonel Digno Palma (BEL AF) and his team from the Real Life Support (RLS) cell in Joint Force Command Brunssum, The Netherlands.

The team instructed 40 highly motivated Latvian army soldiers in building this camp at Adazi Military Camp in Latvia.  The camp will be the central point of NATO’s ‘Exercise Steadfast Jazz 2013’ (SFJZ 13).

The RLS team, Host Nation (HN) soldiers, and the SOC deployment team experienced some technical challenges but worked together effectively to overcome many difficult situations during the course of their efforts.  One major difficulty was the shape of the camp site, almost 250m long and 34m wide, this was particularly challenging for the electricity cables and providing access/exit gates, especially safe emergency routes.

The work began on September 13th and the camp was completed ahead of schedule and is now ready for the next stage of equipment installation by the NATO Signal Battalion. This will be the last stage prior to the start of the Steadfast Jazz exercise. The camp is part of NATO Capability Package 156 from the SOC located in Taranto, Italy and will provide the main working quarters for hundreds of military personnel for a period of up to 15 days.

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