New BarCode system enhances warehouse efficiency.

10 October 2013

The implementation of a brand new barcode system within the Transportation and Warehousing Division (LS) at NSPA was successfully completed on the 16th of September. The system will ease the management of the flow of materiel in the warehouse.

This new system is the outcome of a project started in September 2012, sponsored by the Logistics Operations Directorate (L) and managed by LS with the valuable support of the Information Systems and the Procurement Divisions (AO and PP).

The system consists of a new Wi-Fi network to support handheld barcode readers. The network was developed by AO and meets complex NATO security standards. An Internet Transaction Server (ITS) is also part of the system and is integrated in the SAP Warehouse Management System (WMS.)

“With the completion of this product, our division is now equipped with a more modern tool to manage more efficiently the materiel flow, which will help us to meet the challenges associated with future workload.” explained the new Division Chief , François-Xavier Herbert.

The optimization of resource usage, the reduction of data entry time and the reduction of steps in SAP transactions will increase the overall efficiency within the warehouse. In addition, the quality and reliability of the data in the system considerably mitigate the risks of errors and finally, the versatility of the system will facilitate the incorporation of additional capabilities in future should they be required.