NATO’s Resource Policy and Planning Board visits NSPA

03 October 2013

The NATO Resource Policy and Planning board recently spent a working ‘away-day’ in Capellen, Luxembourg visiting the NATO Support Agency.

Chaired by Mr. Giorgio Romano, the RPPB is responsible for resource policy, including eligibility and affordability, and is tasked with planning and performance assessment. The RPPB receives strategic guidance from the NAC and provides coherence and guidance to the work of resource committees. It advises Council on the resource implications of new initiatives, operations and missions, as it does the Military Committee on the cost and investment implications of any of the committee’s decisions.

“It was a pleasure for the NSPA team to host Chairman Romano and the RPPB members at Capellen.  We provided a general overview of the Agency, detailed our business model and financial sources, and finally, discussed various common-funded initiatives where the Agency is supported by the RPPB. I believe it was a valuable session for all the participants.” explained GM Mike Lyden.

Arriving in the morning directly from Brussels, the Board members received extensive and comprehensive briefings on NSPA under NATO Agency Reform, information about NSPA funding mechanisms, governance, common and customer funding, current and future projects.

“We were very warmly welcomed by NSPA and the presentations provided a great opportunity for the Board, and also the Chairs of the budget committee and finance committee, to gain a more detailed understanding of how NSPA has worked so far to successfully merge the three former agencies.  We certainly appreciate the effort that NSPA has made to maintain the capabilities to NATO while looking even more deeply into cost efficiencies.  We are fully confident that NSPA, with this management team, can achieve the tasks set out in the Lisbon Summit.” elaborated the RPPB Chairman, Mr. Romano.

The afternoon program included a closed meeting of the RPPB at the NSPA Conference Centre and also a briefing from the Luxembourg representatives to the board, Lieutenant-Colonel Yves Kalmes and Mr. Michel Leesch.