NSPA signs Implementing Agreement with Ukraine for disposal of radioactive waste

01 October 2013

NSPA signed an Implementing Agreement with Ukraine recently to dispose of radioactive waste from former military sites in the Ukraine.

This signing was the culmination of several years of preparatory work including earlier feasibility studies at two sites in the Ukraine: Vakulenchuk and Tsybulyevo to assess radioactive (RAD) waste present at the site and to explore options for the disposal and future management of this type of waste in Ukraine.

The RAD waste will be removed to prevent the risk of radiological leakage into the environment and will be transported to a certified RAD waste storage in Ukraine. The site will be remediated to ensure that any radioactive or other contamination is eliminated.

“This project exemplifies NSPA’s capability to manage Trust Fund Projects beyond traditional scope and to act as a robust bridge between NATO and Ukraine” explained Mr Frédéric Peugeot, NSPA Senior Technical Officer and NATO Trust Fund Project Manager.

The total cost of the project is estimated at EUR 800 000, of which more than EUR 600 000 has already been pledged.

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