General Manager visits CEPS Installations in France

19 September 2013

NSPA General Manager Mike Lyden and Karl Pogarell, Acting Programme Manager of the Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS), visited the Oléoducs de defense commune en France (ODCF) traffic dispatching centre recently where they were welcomed by Brigadier General Jean Perrollaz, Director, Service national des oléoducs interalliés (SNOI).

“The execution of the CEPS fuel operation in France by SNOI is very impressive, particularly through the Operations Center in Champforgeuil. The visit was also an excellent opportunity to meet the team of fuel professionals who operate this vital and complex system.” explained Lyden.

The delegation also visited the Saint-Christophe High-Pressure Pump Station. SNOI, part of the CEPS Programme, is one of four National Organizations which operate and maintain the CEPS. In France, the network is supervised by SNOI but actual operations are outsourced to TRAPIL, a company with 261 staff members devoted to the CEPS.