NATO Agencies General Managers' meeting enhances cooperation

07 August 2013

Brigadier General Michael Hain, of the German Air Force visited NSPA on Tuesday 30 July. BG Hain was recently selected as the General Manager (GM) of the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management Agency (NAPMA) effective April 2013 and the objective of his visit was to become more familiar with NSPA activities and services.

NAPMA and NSPA enjoy a close and fruitful relationship. In particular, the collaboration on the NATO E-3A AWACS modernization effort has been very successful over the years with NAPMA providing modernized NATO E-3A AWACS aircraft and with the NSPA's NAEW Programme (LW) providing aircraft in-service support to NATO.

Mr Lyden, NSPA GM, and BG Hain spent the morning reviewing current support arrangements with NAPMA and for the NATO AWACS fleet.  Mr Lyden also described some of the successes realized during the Agency Reform process and the transition from NAMSA to the new NSPA.  NSPA staff provided presentations on Agency Reform and the business areas of Logistics Operations, NATO Airlift Management, and the Central European Pipeline System.  “It is our hope that this successful visit will further enhance the already good relationship between NAPMA and NSPA in providing mission ready and logistically prepared E-3A aircraft to NATO” said Mr Lyden.

BG Hain as the NAPMA GM is responsible for planning and coordinating acquisition strategy, managing projects associated with the modernization of the E-3A fleet and overseeing the technical airworthiness of the programme's aircraft. He has a broad background in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and procurement both in NATO and the German Air Force. He was formerly a Weapon Systems Officer on the F-4 Phantom and brings an operational perspective to NAPMA acquisition projects.