NSPA enhanced cooperation with Italy

05 August 2013

In an effort to expand cooperation between NSPA and Italy on the
F-35 aircraft program, the NSPA General Manager, Mr Lyden along with the LM Programme Manager, Mr Scappaticci, were hosted by the National Armament Director (NAD) of Italy, General Claudio Debertolis in Novara (ITA).

The F-35 represents a milestone in aircraft innovation and the most technologically sophisticated multi-role fighter. It is the first aircraft developed with a new logistics philosophy known as “autonomic logistics” which provides for cost-effective maintenance.

The meeting included a visit to the EuroFighter (EF)2000/Tornado Depot-Level Maintenance Facility and the F-35 FACO (Final Assembly & Check Out) Facility. The FACO Facility comprises twenty buildings and 500,000 m2 of land. This huge facility will have the capability to build two aircraft/month. It will also include a compound for technicians, infrastructure and equipment involved in the production, assembling, finalization and flight testing of the F-35.

This is the only authorized facility in the world for manufacturing, maintenance, overhaul and revision of F-35 apart from the Lockheed Martin facility located in the U.S.

General Debertolis highlighted the increased attention from Italy to future relationships with NSPA, particularly in the context of the F-35 project. Mr Lyden also outlined the importance of the F-35 project in the future of logistics and added “NSPA fully supports the possibility of an expanded role with Italy.”