The CEPS DPO signs a 25-year contract for transport and delivery of aviation fuel to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

19 June 2013

Amsterdam, 1 May 2013 - The CEPS Programme National Organisation in the Netherlands, Defensie Pijpleiding Organisatie (DPO) signed a new 25-year contract with Aircraft Fuel Supply (AFS) concerning the transport of nearly 50 per cent of Schiphol's fuel requirements. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the 4th largest airport in Europe, serving over 50 million passengers a year.

Jan Fledderus, CEPS Programme Manager, hailed the new agreement, "The signing of this contract is the culmination of years of negotiation and cooperation among the CEPS Member Nations and can be considered a significant success. This multi-year contract will serve as an important contribution to the long-term stability of the CEPS."

The new contract replaces the current one which was to end in 2018. Under the terms of the new contract, most of the fuel will originate from Rotterdam and pass through the Pernis pump station on the way to Schiphol. An important new feature will be the possibility to implement deliveries to Schiphol originating from the Belgian entry points of Antwerpen or Gent.

The CEPS (Central Europe Pipeline System) pipeline in the Netherlands is part of a meshed system with lines and depots in Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg. The CEPS Mission is to operate, finance and maintain an integrated, cross-border fuel pipeline and storage system in support of NATO operational military requirements including expeditionary operations. Following the decreased military requirement of recent decades, the CEPS transport infrastructure and storage capacity has been made available to non-military commercial clients.

The CEPS provides an important NATO capability not only in terms of its support to military operations but also for energy security.

About the Defensie Pijpleiding Organisatie (DPO)

Based in The Hague, DPO is part of the Dutch Ministry of Defence and deals with the management of a number of defense pipelines in the Netherlands. With a staff of 107 people, much of its activities are operations, maintenance and coordination of commercial activity for the CEPS: approximately 600 km of pipeline, 3 depots, 5 high-pressure pump stations and 1 truck loading station are on the Dutch territory.