Standing Group of Partner Logistics Experts (SGPLE) Meeting

18 June 2013

Mr Fred Van der Hoek from the Logistics Operations and Plans Office (LL) participated at the SGPLE meeting during the period 27 to 31 May in Portsmouth, Virginia USA.

The SGPLE is the primary NATO Logistics forum for Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) partners as well as partners from around the globe who contribute to NATO-led operations.  The primary aim of the SGPLE is to enhance interoperability between NATO and non-NATO nations and to improve the contribution of partner logistics forces, enabling them to better contribute to NATO-led operations.  Besides allowing NSPA to be seen to be actively supporting the NATO Partnership Programme, SGPLE also provides NSPA with a platform to inform this unique group of nations about the various support functions available within the Agency.  It also assists NSPA logistics planners in scoping potential partner requirements better and, finally, NSPA participation complements the role of NSPA as the Contract Integrator for ACO. In attendance were NATO International Staff, SWE, Allied Command Transformation, ALB, BIH, CHE, CZE, DEU, EST, FYR1, GBR, GEO, HUN, IRL, MDA, MNE, NSPA, SHAPE, UAE, UKR, USA and UZB. 

1 Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name