NSPA Aviation Support to Turkey Continues to Grow

18 June 2013

The Aviation Support Programme Office (LA) of the NSPA Logistics Operations Directorate has been providing support to Turkey via the Helicopter Support Partnership since 2000.

First to benefit from this support were the Turkish Army who were followed by the Gendarmerie and Air Force in 2006 and 2007 respectively.  The success story continued when, due to the value for money and customer satisfaction offered by LA, Turkey joined the Fixed Wing Aircraft Support Partnership in July 2009 and support to Air Force aircraft commenced.

In 2012 the Turkish Coast Guard announced that they wished to receive NSPA support for both their helicopter and fixed wing fleets and the Turkish Navy have announced a similar requirement from July 2013.

In addition to this, enquiries have been received from the Turkish National Police who are considering the benefits of using the NSPA Aviation Support Programme to support the aircraft which they operate and maintain.

Clearly, with every new ‘internal’ national customer, the administrative costs are spread more thinly amongst the participants so the Aviation Support Programme is keen to promote the services which we are able to offer to the less traditional national customers, all of whom receive the support via their national MODs.