Estonian Industry Day, 30 May 2013

17 June 2013

An Estonian delegation, composed of Estonian Officials, Leadership of the Estonian Defense Industry Association and industry representatives, led by Mr. Ingvar Pärnamäe – Undersecretary for Defence Investments MoD/EST NAD – visited NSPA on 30 May 2013.

The purpose of this visit was to become more familiar with NSPA and to explore the possibilities for improved mutual understanding and business relations.

The delegation was welcomed by Mr. ROSE, the NSPA Chief of Staff, and the meeting began with a presentation on the NATO Agencies Reform.  Presentations followed on the Agency’s Air Defense, General Services, Communication & Information Systems Support and NATO Co-Operative Logistics Programmes.

The industry representatives appreciated the comprehensive presentation on “How to do business with NSPA” and the ensuing discussion. The representatives of the Association and of the industry stated that it was their firm intention to take a more active part in the competitive opportunities offered by NSPA.

During the working lunch, which was kindly offered by Estonia, the possibility for organizing an industry briefing session in the autumn in Estonia was discussed. The Industry Association will contact the NSPA Competition Advocate if the wish for such an event is confirmed.

A presentation from representatives from the Estonian Defence Industry highlighted several of the following main industry sectors: defence & security, information and communication technology (ICT), electronics & electrics, metallic products, plastics, mechanics & mechatronics, engineering industry, shipbuilding industry and manufacturing. These sectors share characteristics of small and competitive companies in that they are agile, high tech, innovative solutions, deliver on time, high quality of products and services, and are accustomed to standards and certification.

Comments heard from participants indicate that they were well satisfied with the meeting and the workshop was felt to be both productive and beneficial.