NSPA represents NATO at Capable Logistician '13

14 June 2013

From 5th – 26th June, NSPA's SOC deployed and supported a field laundry facility from a 500-man camp and power generation equipment in support of Capable Logistician '13 in the Lest training area, Slovakia.

Three technicians from SOC deployed with the facility to support with the build-up, maintenance and tear-down. Transportation of the containers from Taranto, Italy to Slovakia was prepared by the Outbound Operations Section of NSPA's Transportation and Warehousing Division. Initial training was also organized by the General Services Programme and given by the original equipment manufacturer.

The field laundry comprises four interlocked ISO containers, which house four industrial-size washing machines, two tumble dryers, two ironing stations, storage areas and separate drop-off and pick-up points.

The facility also boasts a unique waste heat recovery system, which reduces power consumption.