LG's Green Day - Living Green

12 June 2013

The NATO Support Agency (NSPA)'s General Services Programme (LG) organized a "Green Day" on 5 June 2013 to celebrate the World Environment Day. LG followed the Environment Day's general idea by raising awareness for positive environmental action among its staff.

The General Services Programme is NSPA's pioneer regarding environmental protection. It is responsible for numerous environmental protection projects and activities and it has held an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) certification since September 2011. During LG's Green Day, Mr. Bülent TÜDES, the General Services Programme Manager, presented LG's past, current and future environmental initiatives. Click here for the “Green“ Success Stories

To encourage the use of public transportation, carpooling and cycling, the LG parking space was closed during that day. In addition, LG staff did not use the printers and copy machines with a view to promoting e-documentation. And to emphasize the importance of being green, all LG staff members were wearing green outfits and enjoyed green tea and apples on their Green Day, which also gave them the opportunity to elect LG's greenest branch and greenest colleague. The General Services Programme's Green Day raised LG's staff awareness on the importance of protecting the environment by "living green", while at the same time encouraging all NSPA staff members to join this initiative and expand awareness in the area of environmental protection.