Official Visit - Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, NATO Deputy Secretary General

12 June 2013

Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, NATO Deputy Secretary General, visited NSPA on Friday, 7 June. This visit, which was hosted jointly by NSPO  Chairman, Mr. Per Christensen and NSPA General Manager, Mr. Mike Lyden, was an opportunity to bring Ambassador Vershbow up to speed on the latest activities and developments within the Agency.

The visit programme began with an office call between the Ambassador, the GM and the Chairman and was followed by a comprehensive overview of all of NSPA’s activities which was facilitated by key senior directors and staff.

The Ambassador provided a presentation at the Conference Centre on NATO’s future challenges to key Agency Managers and participated in a 1st Anniversary celebration involving the unveiling of a commemorative plaque (which highlights the Agency’s upcoming first birthday.)

The Ambassador also formally recognized the outstanding support of two NSPA employees, Mr. Emilio TUNON and Mrs Eleanor SUMMERS for their lead responsibilities in key staff working groups in the areas of performance management and recognition.

During this Anniversary celebration, NSPO Chairman, Mr. Christensen, took the opportunity to wish the Agency an early Happy Birthday, acknowledge the great work of all NSPA staff and to underpin challenges which lie ahead as Agency reform continues.