50 years of Random Brokerage Services

29 May 2013

On 8 May 1963, the Agency received the first requisitions for a project that would become known as Random Brokerage Services (RBS).

At that time the requisitions were mostly for low value spare parts – but in their hundreds – and mainly for hard-to-find or obsolete aircraft parts. RBS was designed to give national forces the flexibility to purchase any urgent one-off item that they might require (provided no dedicated Support Partnership existed at the time in the Agency). It still fulfills this role.

Over the intervening 50 years, RBS has provided its customers with what they required, from spare parts to complex equipment, and in passing was the crucible for founding many NSPA (former NAMSA) Support Partnerships. With NATO’s expanded mission during the Balkans conflict, RBS was used to provide services such as camp, road and railway construction for the forces.

On 29-31 May, the RBS Users Group will celebrate their 50th birthday in Istanbul, hosted by the first RBS customer, Turkey.  A medal has been struck to commemorate the event and will be presented to all RBS UG members.