Support to the French Gendarmerie

23 May 2013

The General Services Programme was tasked to provide at minimum cost a Customised Modular Command Post for 28 people for the French Gendarmerie.

This system was to combine stringent military requirements including Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), satellite dishes, antenna masts, etc. The command post also had to provide high standards of accommodation in accordance with the regulation applicable for buildings designed to receive the general public, and all this in a very compact design.

The commissioning and acceptance of this command post took place at Versailles-Satory, France on 23rd to 25th April 2013.

With this shelter now operational, the French Gendarmerie has the capacity to rapidly deploy in various terrains and climatic conditions including overseas.

General Philippe LERICHE, Deputy Director for Equipment and Logistics, Support and Finance Directorate, French Gendarmerie, congratulated NSPA for the work accomplished.