First Demilitarization, Dismantling & Disposal Support Partnership meeting

26 April 2013

On 16 April, the first Demilitarization, Dismantling & Disposal (D3) Support Partnership (SP) meeting was held in Capellen, attended by both member nations, as well as representatives from Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Georgia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, USA and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).

The focus of the meeting was twofold: firstly the emphasis was on currently running projects for the disposal of national assets, and secondly on the ISAF drawdown requirements in Afghanistan. The Support Partnerships members committed to giving the Programme more projects during the next few months and encouraged the observer nations to become members.

Open dialogue with nations, and separate sidebars were held on a wide range of related topics that were of interest to the participants, including D3 solutions that the Agency now has in place in Afghanistan. News that the Agency has signed an agreement that also allows access to US Defense Logistics Agency facilities in Afghanistan was warmly welcomed. D3 is an Allied Command Transformation Smart Defence Multinational Project.