ISO/IEC 17025 Surveillance Audit of the NSPA-NATO Reference Laboratory

19 April 2013

On 09 – 10 April 2013 the NSPA-NATO Reference Laboratory (NRL) was subject to the annual surveillance audit which is compulsory to keep the ISO 170251 Accreditation valid.

The audit, performed with even more challenging requirements than those applicable at the time of the achievement of the Accreditation in 2009, was closed without any nonconformity.

Here the principle of “continuous improvement” is more stringent and evident than in other fields. This is leading the NSPA-NRL to continuously improve its capacity and scope of work which entails a “change philosophy” always present at the NSPA-NRL.

The auditors emphasized the dynamism, motivation and professionalism of the staff as well as the robustness and reliability of the Quality System. They also highlighted the progress shown in improving the capacities throughout the last five years.

The NSPA–NATO Reference Laboratory will therefore maintain the ISO 17025 Accreditation which, together with the US Navy Certification recently achieved, places NSPA Calibration at the top with very good expectations for the business to grow in the following years.

This achievement comes once again to confirm the NSPA-NATO Reference Laboratory as the center of excellence for calibration within NATO.

1 The ISO 17025 (“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”) represents the highest international standard applicable to calibration and testing laboratories. It comprises the managerial requirements of the ISO 9001, of general application for NSPA, but goes beyond with a series of very strict and demanding personnel and technical requirements. In fact, the NSPA-NATO Reference Laboratory is the only NSPA activity not subject to the ISO 9001 audits cycle.