Two busy days in Pápa – the General Manager visits the NAM Programme Office

04 April 2013

Detailed update on the Programme’s latest achievements, meeting with the Heavy Airlift Wing’s Commander, participation in the handover between the outgoing and incoming Programme Manager – these were the highlights of the General Manager’s two–day visit to the NAM Programme Office Headquarters in Pápa, Hungary.

In order to address some of his top priority issues for this year, Mr. Lyden spent two busy days at Pápa Air Base filled with information sessions and programme update briefings.

As the design and construction of a new hangar at Pápa Air Base is very high on the General Manager’s priority list, he started Monday morning with receiving the latest updates regarding the milestones, the timeline and the resources of the project that will allow a higher level of maintenance and service of the C-17 aircraft at the air base.

During the visit, the General Manager also received presentations addressing the roles and responsibilities of the MTCHO (Military Type Certificate Holder Organization) in the context of the different NSPA organizational levels.   He also participated in discussions regarding the direct support the NAM Programme Office provides to the Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW).

On Tuesday, he received detailed updates regarding the financial management of the SAC C-17 Programme and the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Sustainment Case through which the United States and Boeing provide logistical and technical support to the Programme.

At the end of his visit, Mr. Lyden participated in the handover ceremony between Mr. Gunnar Borch, the departing Programme Manager, who has led the NAM Programme Office and the predecessor organization, the NATO Airlift Management Agency, since its inception in October 2008, and the incoming Programme Manager, Mr. Wiek Noldus.