NSPA welcomes US Leaders from ISAF

20 March 2013

On Monday, 11 March 2013 the NSPA General Manager Mr Mike LYDEN welcomed Brigadier General Mark W. PALZER, Chief CJ4 and Deputy Chief of Staff, Resources, ISAF HQ, Rear Admiral Robert J. GILBEAU, Director, Operational Contract Support Drawdown Cell (OCSDC), US Forces – Afghanistan, and Brigadier General Stephen B. LEISENRING the Commander of the Joint Theater Support Contracting Command, United States Central Command.

The delegation was briefed on the Agency’s support to ISAF Redeployment and post ISAF support capabilities and then participated in round table discussion on how to leverage NSPA's capabilities to meet future US requirements. One of the recurring topics during the discussion was the possibility of NSPA directly assisting Afghanistan governmental agencies with training and logistical support during the transition from combat to peacetime operations. Of particular interest was NSPA’s ability to coordinate civil air service activities and training for Afghanistan’s national airports throughout the crucial transition from military to civilian operations. NSPA has recent experience executing Trust Fund projects and the US is interested in the Agency’s capabilities.