Naval services supplier passes review with flying colours

22 February 2013

Mehmet Cicekci discusses issues with Turkish Supply Officer LTJG (N) Asım Gökçe Candaş

The Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP) has authorized the NSPA to conduct spot checks on our service contactors in ports to measure their efficiency and performance.

The contractor is never aware beforehand of the visit, but NLSP has information concerning which vessels will be in which ports and when. One such review has just been completed in Oman where Mr. Mehmet Cicekci met with the Italian Defence Attaché, Captain (Navy) Antonello Sonnino, to ascertain the performance of the port contractor vis-à-vis the Italian Vessel Protection Detachment (VPD) requirements in Salalah. VPDs are small teams of armed Marines that board and protect nationally flagged vessels against possible incursions in the pirate infested waters off the Horn of Africa, and are looked on as a cost effective alternative to sending vessels. NSPA arranges transport into theatre, weapon and ammunition storage and billeting (when on land), and a multitude of other services for these maritime commandos.

Mr. Cicekci also took the opportunity to audit the services being provided to the Turkish warship TCG Gökova, an Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate, when she berthed on 2nd February. As part of continuing quality control, Mr. Cicekci also took Marine Gas Oil samples which were then shipped to a laboratory for analysis. Checks were made on food deliveries for freshness and on the efficiency of garbage disposal against ISO 14001, and talks were held with both the ship's Supply Officer and the supplier's staff. The contractor in Salalah passed the review with flying colours, including their handling of an unplanned emergency transfer to hospital of a sick crew member and the follow-on medical attention he required.