Cooperation Arrangement with Australia

31 January 2013

Cooperation Arrangement with Australia

On 14 January 2013, Rear Admiral Clint Thomas, Commander Joint Logistics, acting on behalf of the Australian Department of Defense and Mr Michael Lyden, General Manager of the NATO Support Agency (NSPA), acting for the NATO Support Organization (NSPO), signed an Exchange of Letters to establish a formal framework for logistics support cooperation.

The Exchange of Letters forms an Arrangement that will govern the relations between Australia and the NSPO for logistics support cooperation in support of North Atlantic Council authorized NATO-led operations. More specifically, this arrangement establishes the basis for the direct support provided by the NSPA to Australia in order to fulfill its logistics requirements in support of NATO-led operations.

Moreover, the Arrangement provides a tangible framework which underpins the NATO-Australia Joint Political Declaration signed by the NATO Secretary General and the Prime Minister of Australia in June 2012, and represents a unique stepping stone towards enhanced future cooperation.

Australia, the largest non-NATO Troop Contributing Nation in Afghanistan, will benefit directly and broadly from this Arrangement.