Azerbaijan’s Mission to NATO visits NSPA

23 January 2013

Azerbaijan’s Mission to NATO visits NSPA

Led by His Excellency Ambassador Khazar IBRAHIM, a delegation from the Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan to NATO visited NSPA on Monday 21 January 2013.

Ambassador IBRAHIM, previously Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Azerbaijan to the United States, has worked on political-military relations throughout his career.

The Azerbaijani delegation representatives visited Capellen to familiarize themselves with NSPA and to get a better understanding of the Agency’s various activities.

After a private discussion with NSPA General Manager, Mike Lyden, the delegation received a general orientation presentation on NSPA, followed by a series of more detailed and tailored briefings. The presentations emphasized the importance of our partnering, explaining how successful Partnership for Peace (PfP) Trust Fund projects in support of Azerbaijan have been.

The Ambassador mentioned that they would investigate participation in NSPO Support Partnerships potentially in the area of support to Eastern European Vehicles.

Finally, the possibility of hosting a symposium later this year in Baku with interested partner nations was discussed.