Operational Logistics Support Partnership Committee Meeting

15 November 2012

The 7th OLSP Committee meeting was held at NSPA on 7-8 November 2012. The meeting was attended by representatives from the current member states (AUT, CAN, DEU, GRC, HUN, ITA, NLD, NOR, TUR), from SHAPE and from a number of observer nations.

The Operational Logistics Support Partnership (OLSP) was established in 2009. The OLSP concept is built on a full service model designed to exploit the resources, expertise and continuity that NSPA is able to provide in order to fill operational capability shortfalls. Work on behalf of OLSP is managed by NSPA’s Logistics Operations & Plans Office.

OLSP is active in two areas: supporting evolving NATO logistics policy and doctrine aimed at enhancing the use of commercial support solutions to achieve collective logistics and using NSPA's established capabilities and experience to deliver timely, coordinated and cost effective commercial support solutions for operations.

The 7th OLSP Committee meeting focused primarily on ISAF redeployment operations. Anticipating the outcome of ongoing higher-level discussions on common funding, the OLSP member nations decided to task NSPA to perform preparatory work in a number of areas. The member nations voiced both positive feedback and recognition regarding the work conducted so far.

The 8th OLSP Committee meeting scheduled in Vienna on 9 11 April 2013 is expected to continue to focus primarily on supporting ISAF redeployment operations.