The 2nd Medical and Pharmaceutical User Group (Med&PharmUG) took place on 23-24 Nov 2011 in NAMSA (Luxembourg).

15 March 2012

The Med&PharmUG is one of the specialist Subsidiary User Groups established by the COMMIT Partnership. The principle focus of the Med&PharmUG is to make use of the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange (NLSE) for common item management, inventory visibility, consolidation, acquisition of medical materiel and pharmaceutical (agreed formulary), consumables, spares and associated commodities, capital equipments and mutual support via redistribution.

The Group is scheduled to meet twice a year with the intent to have the first meeting of every year coincide at the same location and time as NATO's Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS) Medical Material and Military Pharmacy – Expert Panel (MMMP EP). The Med&PharmUG should be viewed as complementary to the work of the COMEDS' MMMP-EP, by providing a legal framework to execute collective medical supply tasks thereby enabling consolidation of national requirements in concert with the higher objectives of the EP. It also offers a "common forum" for nations to share experiences and expectations in finding a shared approach to medical supply requirements at minimal cost and without duplication of existing NATO initiatives. Ten nations participated and have already started to put common requirements in place from medical components to pharmaceutical products.

Visibility on national initiatives has already triggered interoperable opportunities amongst participants. Additionally, through the NLSE, nations can view available national stock piles and request redistribution as mutual support in the event of an urgent requirement.