Visit of Mr Patrick AUROY, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment

12 November 2012

On Tuesday 6 November 2012, NSPA welcomed the NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment (ASG-DI), Mr Patrick AUROY. The visit was hosted by NSPA General Manager Mr Mike Lyden.

Mr Auroy was appointed ASG-DI in October 2010 following a successful career managing armaments programmes in the DGA (the armaments branch of the French MoD). During his previous appointment as Deputy Director General of the DGA, he frequently represented France at the NATO Conference of National Armaments Directors and on the European Defence Agency Steering Board.

The Assistant Secretary General briefed the NSPA Managers’ Conference on NATO’s approach to capability needs and the related development programmes. He pointed to the challenge of achieving a more balanced burden sharing and better consultation. He highlighted the Chicago Summit statement that Smart Defence "represents a changed outlook, the opportunity for a renewed culture of cooperation in which multinational collaboration is given new prominence as an effective and efficient option for developing critical capabilities". He then presented a vision of Smart Defence powered by Smart Logistics in support of NATO forces and provided examples of crucial projects and challenging issues in the area of multinational cooperation. His presentation was followed by an enlightening Q&A session.

In the afternoon, Mr Lyden gave an update on the NSPA roadmap, reporting progress in the six Focus Areas identified in the 100 Day Plan for Reform implementation. He then focused on NSPA's strategy for capability development, highlighting – with support from senior staff – how it directly addresses NATO’s most pressing capability needs and ties in with the Smart Defence initiative.

In his farewell remarks, Mr Auroy expressed appreciation for the hospitality extended to him during this visit. He recognized NSPA as NATO’s premier logistics support provider, lauding its experience and expertise in this domain. NSPA is, he said, a critical enabler in the efforts of NATO and the nations to achieve successful capability development.