Steadfast Juncture 2012

09 November 2012

The NSPA Southern Operational Centre (SOC) is currently supporting SHAPE Exercise Steadfast Juncture 2012. The exercise is being conducted by JFC Naples and hosted at the Amari Airbase in Estonia.

Deployed to Amari mid-September, the SOC team of six has constructed a temporary "Command and Control" office complex using CP 156 deployable assets procured by NSPA (LG) on behalf of SHAPE. The facility comprises large "office furnished" tents intended to train an audience of up to 400 personnel, together with power generation and distribution equipment, heating and perimeter lighting.

The construction work began on 17 September and was completed on 10 October. Assistance was provided by a team of 40 Host Nation military personnel (largely recruits in the early stages of training). The work was completed in time for the NATO signals battalion to install essential equipment prior to the exercise warm-up late October, with the ‘Live-Ex’ taking place from 2 to 9 November.

On 5 November, a Distinguished Visitors day was attended by senior military and MoD officials, together with NSPA senior management. The event provided an opportunity to further showcase the Agency's capabilities in supporting military operations.

From 9 November, the camp facilities will be dismantled and packed for transport by road and sea back to the SOC in Taranto. Transport operations are due to start mid-December. Back at the SOC, the equipment will be refurbished in preparation for further operational requirements.