Visit of Lieutenant General R. TIESKENS, Chief of Staff Joint Force Command Brunssum

08 August 2012

On 8 August 2012, the NSPA General Manager, Mr Mike Lyden, hosted the visit of Lieutenant General R. TIESKENS, Chief of Staff Joint Forces Command (JFC) Brunssum. JFC Brunssum is one of the three NATO operational level commands in NATO Allied Command Operations (ACO). It also serves as the higher headquarters for ISAF in Afghanistan, with ISAF as a primary mission and NATO Article 5 Operational Planning, Baltic Air Policing, Military Cooperation and NATO Response Force (NRF) tasking among other activities.

The aim of the visit was to familiarize with NSPA, and following a presentation by the General Manager on the ongoing Agency Reform effort, briefings on NSPA general orientation, Logistics Operations, CEPS and NAM activities were provided. The visit then focused on Operational Logistics Planning, Logistics Support to current operations and Redeployment Planning for ISAF. The Chief of Staff Joint Forces Command Brunssum was visibly pleased with the excellent reception, the fruitful discussions and the informative briefings.

Lieutenant General R. TIESKENS was born in 1957 in Breda, Netherlands and joined the Army in 1976 at the Royal Military Academy. In 2012 he was promoted Lieutenant General and took over responsibilities as Chief of Staff JFC Brunssum.