Foundation Stone of French Demilitarization Plant laid at Bourges-Le Subdray

05 December 2012

Foundation Stone of French Demilitarization Plant laid at Bourges-Le Subdray - 14 November 2012

The laying of the foundation stone of the French demilitarization plant incineration unit is an important step towards creating a national classified munitions demilitarization capability, a project which France has entrusted to the NATO Support Agency. Mr Antoine BOUVIER – the CEO of the project's prime contractor MBDA – welcomed to the site at Bourges-Le Subdray a delegation comprised of General Richard BIENFAIT from the French Defence Staff, General OVAERE the head of France's joint Munitions Office, together with representatives from the Centre Region's civilian and military authorities and the municipality of Bourges, including Mr FROMONT, MP, and the Prefect of the Cher Department.

NSPA was represented by Procurement Director Patrick FESQUET and by Mr Claude PEFFER from the General Services Programme Office, which is responsible for managing the project. Mr FESQUET opened the ceremony with a speech during which he recalled the origins of the project, highlighted what was at stake, described the work accomplished so far and pointed to the coming stages which, in 2013, will result in a streamlined facility capable of processing classified munitions at a rate of 2,500 tonnes per year.

Mr BOUVIER shared with the audience his vision of MBDA – a multinational company with French, British and Italian stakeholders – as an environmentally responsible global player in the missiles sector (MDBA ranks third after Raytheon and Lockheed Martin). With its major investment in this facility for dismantling sophisticated munitions, he said, MBDA will cover every stage in the life cycle of its missiles from design to dismantling, in compliance with the most stringent European standards.