NSPA 60th Anniversary

An Anniversary brochure is being prepared which will highlight our current programme capabilities, products and services and feature a foreword from the NATO Secretary General, and messages from the Luxembourg Minister of Defence and the NSPO Chairperson.


To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of NSPA and to specifically highlight the 50th Anniversary of NSPA in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, POST Luxembourg agreed to release an NSPA stamp.

A contest was held to select the stamp design and submissions were invited from across NSPA staff. Several designs were submitted and the stamp design proposed by Mr. Olivier Perl from NSPA’s General and Cooperative Services Programme was selected as the winner.

The stamp went into circulation across Luxembourg on 6 March.


NSPA will celebrate its 60th Anniversary in 2018 and also mark 50 years of presence in Luxembourg. The NSPA Drawing Office prepared the logo you see here.